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The TruLuv Story

Our Origins

TruLuv was officially launched in December 2016, but our journey started much earlier.

During her long commutes to and from work in Ethiopia, our founder Blayne, found she was...hungry!  The easily available snack options were limited to fast food or simple fruits, not ideal for someone looking for health (and not messy!) energy.

Her solution was to make granola bars at home. The first (second, third...) tries weren’t great, but with helpful feedback from brave friends and family, the granola got better. And soon, she realized she wasn't the only one experiencing the challenge of wanting access to convenient, natural and healthy snacks. Many people in Addis Ababa faced the same problem.


So Blayne, supported by her co-founder (and future husband), Kifflé, decided to give the granola business a go. Getting started, she sought feedback from potential customers, to help shape everything about the products: the look, the taste, and even the packaging.

TruLuv is all about real, wholesome snacks. The name itself tells you everything: it’s about true love for what you eat. It means knowing and trusting what’s in your snacks, enjoying their taste, and appreciating the convenience they bring.

TruLuv 76 x 53_edited.jpg

Our Mission

At TruLuv Granola, we create wholesome foods that celebrate Ethiopia’s distinctive natural ingredients and tastes. Committed to sustainability, we seek to source from local small-scale farmers and are dedicated to empowering our vibrant (mostly) female team. 

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